December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays!

I wanted to "stop in" quickly to say Happy Holidays to all of my readers! I hope you had a wonderful, joyful time with the ones you love and made many beautiful memories.

Things have been crazy around here with the holidays (as I'm sure they have been for you, too), which is why I haven't posted recipes in a while. God has truly blessed us with amazing people in our lives. I am so unworthy.

Anyway, I probably have baked literally 20 dozen cookies (in a nasty oven) in December alone and I loved every minute of it. Maybe it's just me but it just doesn't feel like Christmas without cookies baking in the oven. What kind of cookies have you baked for Christmas? I hope to get back into a normal schedule starting Monday and post consistently again. In the meantime, I'll leave you with my Christmas tree cake that I made for Christmas Eve. I put all of the names of my nieces and nephews (in order of age) on the candy ornaments. It was so much fun to make!

For those of you who know me, you know that I have been using a 20-year-old-piece-of-junk-hideous-ancient-electricity-hogging oven that I despise and constantly complain about. Guess what?!?! My husband got me a new glass-top convection oven for Christmas! YES! :) I was overwhelmed and touched by such a generous, thoughtful gift. It is being delivered tomorrow afternoon and I know I will not be able to sleep tonight because of the anticipation! It's supposed to snow (6 inches!) tomorrow afternoon, so I hope, I hope, I hope it doesn't interfere with my precious gift.


The snow did interfere. *sigh* The snow caused the truck to run into a ditch, so I won't be getting my new oven until Tuesday. :(

To my 20-year-old-hideous-ancient-electricity-hogging oven:

We have been through a lot these past four years, my 20-year-old-hideous-ancient-electricity-hogging oven. Thank you for all of the the wonderful entrees, sides and desserts that you have assisted me in serving to my family and friends... even though you took a ton of time, cooked unevenly and your temperature was way off. I wish you well in your new venture of cooking with my dear friends, who lack a functioning oven.

While I'm at it, here is how my husband "gave" me my oven. In case you can't read the letter, it says, "Celeste, Please forgive me for going over our agreed upon spending limit but you really deserve this. I hope you have the best Christmas ever! I love you more every day. Merry Christmas baby! John." I am so deeply in love with my best friend.

Also, my daughter surprised me with this beautiful gift today. It will hang on our tree until the day I die.


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