September 23, 2009

Instant Pot

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I've been busy recently preparing for when our little bundle of joy arrives.  I'm currently at 38 weeks and growing larger and larger more and more impatient to meet our little guy!  In the meantime, I've been making lots and lots of freezer meals (recipes to come) and have also been playing around a lot...

I'm here to profess my undying love for my Instant Pot.  I've made so many wonderful things with it, and it's hard to choose what has been my favorite so far.  Chicken that literally falls off the bone, pot roast that melts in your mouth, healthy bone broth, hearty soups, amazingly creamy...

We also have another addition to our family... an Instant Pot!  I've been hearing so many great things about them, so I snatched one up at a great deal on Amazon on Black Friday.  I. am. in. love.  My first meal in it was a pot roast, and it turned out fantastic!  Also, I'm super excited to make...

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