November 20, 2010

"Hello Kitty" Birthday Party

My daughter officially turns 6 years old on November 22nd. It is so crazy how fast times flies by! I threw a Hello Kitty kids' party for her at our house today, November 20th, and we had a blast!

When the children first arrived, I directed them to the Hello Kitty station, where I gave them each a set of ears (made by yours truly) and painted their faces. As the children were waiting their turn for the face painting, I invited them to color and write their names on their Hello Kitty bows and have some snacks, which were fish-shaped pretzels and pink lemonade with red ice cubes. All of the faces were painted and the first activity was to play pin the bow (that they decorated) on Hello Kitty. After that, it was time to do the pinata. I bought a Hello Kitty pinata from but the seller screwed up the order (grrr) and my mom ran to the store for me to buy another one. It wasn't Hello Kitty but it was just as good -- Spongebob! Now that the children had had some time to socialize, it was time to decorate their very own Hello Kitty cupcakes. I gave each child a pre-made cupcake along with a dollop of frosting and candy decorations for the face. I think they did a wonderful job!

Click here for the Hello Kitty cupcake recipe

Next, we played Mouse, Mouse, Cat (duck, duck, goose), then yarn toss (hot potato) and then Kitty says (Simon says). The best part of the party for little Ms. birthday girl was opening the presents, of course. We sang Happy Birthday and had some cake and ice cream. I was surprised that the kids still wanted cake after they had eaten their cupcakes!

I took a group shot, which I will use for a personalized thank you card, and gave the children bags filled with Hello Kitty goodies before they left. And they went home nice and sugared up for their parents! ;)

It was such a fun day!

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