January 23, 2009


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Happy Friday!  Here is another quick and easy weeknight meal to add to your rotation.  It's a skillet version of my Crock Pot Balsamic Chicken over Pasta.  There is a lovely hint of sweet and tangy flavor, but it's not overpowering.  I served this with some freshly steamed broccoli.

Hasselback Chicken ~ Cajun with Pepper Jack & Spinach

For dinner, my husband asked for what happens to be the most popular recipe on this blog, Cajun chicken stuffed with pepper jack cheese & spinach.  It's one of our top 5 favorite meals but I was having a rough day and honestly was not looking forward to butterflying...

Cajun Chicken Alfredo

I wanted to highlight a family-favorite that I originally posted about in early 2011.  Since creating this recipe, I have made quite a few changes to it, so I wanted to bring it back into the spotlight and also give it a fresh new photo.  

Cajun Shrimp & Sausage GumboMy husband bought 3 pounds of raw shrimp that I have been trying to use it up this week, making sure none goes to waste.  On Monday, I made shrimp Alfredo.  On Wednesday, I made pad Thai shrimp (recipe to come).  On Thursday, I made Cajun...

Cajun Chicken Stuffed with Pepper Jack Cheese & Spinach

Cheese was $1.50 a block at my local grocery store, so I took advantage of the sale and bought a few, one of which was pepper jack cheese.  My husband and I snacked on some of the pepper jack over the weekend and started chatting about the different...

Cajun Chicken Sandwich with Homemade Cajun Seasoning

My husband and I are in love with a particular Cajun Chicken Sandwich that one of our local restaurants serves. Last weekend he said to me, "It would be great if you could mimic that sandwich." Although it is not exact, it was so very close to the taste...

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